May 19, 2017

Our Story

About our Dovetail drawer boxes:

As one of the only Dovetail Drawer manufactures in Richmond, we take great pride in our beautiful drawer boxes and our fast turnaround time.  All our drawer boxes are made from locally sourced maple.

Why Dovetail Drawers of Richmond?:

Depended on by homeowners, carpenters, and cabinet makers.  Offering free notching, finishing, and our boxes come assembled.  Free shipping nationally- one less thing for our customer to worry about.  Many have come to depend on us to make their boxes and be comfortable knowing they won’t miss deadlines waiting.

How it all began:

It all started years ago  when owner Robin Davis found himself looking for a great company to work with. He couldn’t find the right fit.  He leased a 3,000 square foot workshop.  People would ask him to build something- and he would build it.  It grew and grew from there with the parent business of Dovetail Drawer Boxes of Richmond: .  As he started to do more kitchens, he noticed he could not find drawer boxes of the quality that he wanted.  So, he purchased a Dovetail machine and decided to start making them himself. It didn’t take long before other cabinet makers were calling us to place orders for our Drawer boxes. The shop has now expanded to over 20,000 square feet.

Meet the owner:

Robin is an outdoor enthusiast who really loves to take Delta, our office dog, to the lake.  He also loves to grill and smoke meats. He’s made several of his own smokers that impress even the most avid barbecue fanatics there are times when people stop in the shop just to ask about them.  He also almost always has a Lifesavers peppermint with him.

He’s carefully put together a staff of people every bit as hardworking and dedicated as he is.  In the shop we have over a century of woodworking experience.