A great deal for new customers

Here at Dovetail Drawers of Richmond we are quite proud of the fact local cabinet makers know that they can trust us for their drawer needs. We worked very hard to get the business up and running on a national level and have the a staff well equipped to take us where we want to go.

However, at the same time we understand you may not know us like our customers do. You may see a new website that looks nice, but be a little leery about placing an order. And truly we understand that. So during the months of summer (or as we dog lovers like to call the “dog days of summer” we are offering each new customer 1 free drawer box on their first order *minimum order of 10 boxes*. Why? Because we want to give you an opportunity to try our boxes- and who isn’t encouraged by something free?

All that you need to do is fill out the order form and get it back to us- we will get started on the quote and typically if it’s a weekday you can expect a reply back within about an hour. Why so fast? Because we love our customers. Because we know that there is nothing worse than waiting and waiting. We understand our clients require a better level of service. If you require and desire the finest boxes why would you not expect the same level of service?

We can take orders as small or as large as necessary. Our goal is always to have the job completed in less than 5 working days.


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