Practical application of our drawer boxes


It’s one thing to say that we have beautiful drawer boxes- but it’s another thing to show them. Here are a couple of recent projects featuring our drawer boxes.The first is the Kelly kitchen- a beautiful galley kitchen in the heart of the historic Fan district in Richmond.The second is the Jewell island a beautiful little island.

I am going to let these pictures of the drawers speak for themselves.

Island drawer

The photos have been taken by our incredibly talented friends at RVA Photography.Our drawer boxes can be sized to fit about any project that you may need. You can order online- or you can also call the office at 804-355-0905 to place the order if you would like. Either way we’d be more than happy to help you.

Any discerning customer would be happy to have a drawer of such quality and beauty.

The details.. or should we say the dovetails truly make the end result amazing.

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