Top 10 reasons to buy Dovetail Drawers from Dovetail Drawers of Richmond

Top 10 reasons to buy Dovetail Drawers from US!


  1. Our maple is all locally sourced maple and we try to use smaller local businesses when possible. It’s very important to us that we support the community who supports us. Our main maple supplier is also a firefighter. How cool is that?
  2. The locking Dovetail joints are incredibly strong. No nails needed. Who wants a bunch of nails poking out of wood? Yuck!
  3. They are very attractive and add a custom look to even the most ordinary of things (like a drawer).
  4. The design of the joint actually allows for more storage space. Who knew? Everybody loves to have more space for putting the stuff we love to collect.
  5. We offer free shipping- we very carefully looked at the pricing of all local shipping companies in order to find the best value and most reliable service. Thankfully we were able to find a deal so good that we can carry all those costs.
  6. No cheap shortcuts, no melamine, no fillers. You can always count on the highest quality here.
  7. Counted on by cabinet makers locally. Right now we have several companies locally who count on us for their dovetail needs. They have come to rely on our quick service and quality.
  8. Excellent customer support- anytime you have an issue you can call and during business hours we will do all we can to reply within the hour. Just think of it- if I have time to write these blogs imagine the time I will have to respond to any issue you might have.
  9. Ease of order- we have worked hard with our web developer/shop drawing creator/shop sander extraordinaire to make sure we could have the very easiest ordering possible on our website.
  10. Special promotional pricing block pricing for ease convenience.

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